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Club Rules

  • You must live in the WDAM-TV viewing area to register for the WDAM-TV Birthday Club.

  • Notice: Duplicate memberships are not allowed. Duplicate names and birthdays or names and email addresses will be deleted from the system. There is only one membership allowed per person. You can add family members to your membership, but duplicate same person memberships are not accepted.

  • You must be 13 years or older to register for the club automatically. Children registering under the age of 13 must fill out a consent form, have it signed by a legal guardian, and fax or mail it to us. The form will be sent to the email address submitted during registration and the account will be set to "pending activation" status. Once the consent form is received, the account will then be activated.

    Notice: As a legal guardian of the child, you can register for the club yourself and then add the child as a family member under your account without having to fill out a consent form.

  • You must register for the WDAM-TV Birthday Club at least 24 hours prior to your birthday to be included on News 7 Today and to be entered into the daily birthday gift certificate drawing from sponsor.

  • Incorrect information entered into the WDAM-TV Birthday Club registration form may result in incorrect entries on News 7 Today and at no fault of WDAM-TV.

  • Once you enter the registration your name will be included in the WDAM-TV Birthday Club until it is deleted by the account holder or by WDAM-TV. Periodic updates are made to insure member data is accurate.

  • Once you register for the WDAM-TV Birthday Club your name may be aired on News 7 Today and/or unless otherwise stated on the registration form.

  • WDAM-TV has the right to change the partnering sponsor at any time throughout this promotion without contacting its club members. This change will not take your name off the list.

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